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Deep Soil Mixing helps reduce project times, costs and carbon emissions in construction

Deep Soil Mixing Ltd

Cutter Soil Mixer

Deep Soil Mixing Ltd (DSM) aims to expand the use of soil mixing as a ground improvement method in the UK and around the world.

Our directors have broad experience in applying advanced soil stabilisation and deep soil mixing technology and our objective is to provide the most trustworthy expertise and services available.

The Deep Soil Mixing Ltd method of controlled soil mixing provides a host of advantages over other soil stabilisation methods.

Soil Stabilisation

Deep Soil Mixing Ltd’s soil stabilisation solutions involve the mixing of various cementitious and other binders with the soil. These binders are formulated to meet stringent design requirements and tight on-site control and testing.

Deep Soil Mixing

Deep Soil Mixing Ltd provide two types of deep soil mixing including mass mixing, and column mixing. Both systems offer wet and dry soil mixing solutions that are able to tackle some of the most difficult soil conditions, ranging from flood plains and soft soils through to contaminated land.

Our policy is to ensure that soil mixing is carried out correctly and that consistent mixing and results are achieved, providing total confidence that the process can be relied upon.

Uniquely focussed on soil stabilisation, we are the UK’s leading deep soil mixing specialists.