Flooding in the UK is at an all-time high threat level to our homes, businesses and economy, and where many flood defences were in place some have proved to be inadequate.

Now Deep Soil Mixing is able to offer its soil mixing technique as a cost-effective solution to what would appear to be a long-term, ongoing problem.

Soil mixing is a process used to make ground impermeable so is ideal for the treatment of river banks, impermeable barriers, road construction and  raising and stabilising embankments. The system is used extensively in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe and Deep Soil Mixing Ltd has successfully carried out numerous projects in the UK over the last few years including river banks, resevoirs and coastal applications. There are no risks involved from an environmental aspect and the system is straight forward.  It is a very sustainable system and reduces the need to import or export fill so vehicle movements on and off site are reduced substantially and thus substantially reduces the carbon footprint for any project.

Both building contractors and investors are recognising that eco-friendly construction provides not only long-term positive environmental benefits but also immediate financial payoffs as well.

Soil mixing is a very efficient and economical method to mix binders with soil and causes the properties of the soil to become more like the properties of a soft rock.

By using the existing soil as aggregates, natural resources are spared. As the necessary transport to and from the site is reduced due to low demand for raw materials and the low amount of drilling spoil, emissions can be diminished and adjacent owners are spared from these inconveniences. Further, costs of carting away surplus materials are also avoided.

Soil Mixed Applications have the following benefits:

  • Use the Existing Ground
  • No Waste Material to Dispose Off
  • Reduced Lorry Movements
  • Reduced Construction Programme
  • Lower Carbon Footprint
  • Provides Savings to the Project.

For help with your flooding problem click the link below, call Deep Soil Mixing Ltd on 01525 716 445 or email robert@deepsoilmixing.co.uk or colin@deepsoilmixing.co.uk