Cut Off Wall – Black Bull Street Leeds


Date: April 2013
Contractor: MEL Ltd.
Project: Black Bull Street, Leeds

Cut off wall Black Bull Street Deep Soil Mixing

On a site that had been previously used as an industrial chemical site there had been sever pollutants identified within the site soils. High natural water table and permeable soils meant that migration of contaminants was a real environmental hazard. Cleaning up of the ground water was being carried out by specialist contractor MEL Ltd but before this could be started the site needed to have barriers installed to prevent movement of ground water.  Deep Soil Mixing Ltd were contracted to install a cut off wall to impede the ground water flow of contaminates.

Sheet piling was one option but a more efficient solution was to consider using soil mixed walls as an impermeable barrier.

Stage 1 – Site Soil Sampling, Laboratory Mixing and Testing
Having provided budget figures for the solution the initial phase of works for Deep Soil Mixing Ltd was to obtain representative samples from the site that could then be used in laboratory mixing of binders with the existing soils to confirm that the soil mixing could work and examine the range of possible shear values that could be achieved against the various cost of binders.

Stage 2 – Resource Suitable Plant for this Working Environment
Stage 3 – Batching and Mixing the Binder

Stage 4 – Monitor Wall Construction