Brookwood, Woking


Date: September 2014
Contractor: QDS Remediation Ltd
Project: Brookwood, Woking

When specialist contractor QDS Remediation was faced with locking in ground contaminants on a residential development site in Woking, Deep Soil Mixing Ltd was called in to offer their expertise to carry out the works to remediate this contaminated site.

The site was heavily contaminated ground containing creosote from a previous wood fencing production yard and was causing problems for future development of the site and contamination had moved off site to a nearby water source, a solution needed to be found which would prevent any future leachate problems and make the site acceptable for future development.

A special blend of binder was used to successfully neutralise and lock in the contaminants. The site owner was delighted to have achieved a successful solution which was not only economically sound but also provided a solution for other parts of the site which was to be piled but then only required soil mixing for the foundations of the new development.

Soil Mixing is an ideal solution for brownfield developments. When the government is calling for a reduction in carbon footprint on construction projects we are developing new ways of reducing project times, costs and carbon footprint on construction projects through the use of soil mixing & soil stabilisation compared to other more traditional ground engineering methods such as various types of piling, excavate and cart away, dynamic compaction, surcharge etc..

We are becoming renowned for successfully undertaking challenging and difficult projects that others may not wish to do and we can demonstrate the impact this is making in the world of civil engineering and illustrate how new soil mixing techniques can transform severely contaminated or poor quality land into commercially viable land that can be developed.

If you have a contaminated site and would like to learn more about how soil mixing can help please get in touch.