Dover – Soil Contamination


Date: September 2014
Contractor: N/A
Project: Confidential

The team at Deep Soil Mixing Ltd has recently completed a project on a site in Dover which due to its former usage had been contaminated with volatile organic compounds which the risk assessment indicated was a potential issue to sensitive offsite receptors.  This Brownfield site was to be developed but the contaminated soil was proving an obstacle to future development. Deep Soil Mixing Ltd was approached by the Design Consultant, a firm that undertakes remediation contracting services to render contaminated sites and the natural environment suitable for future use.

Following discussions with the Consultant, Deep Soil Mixing were tasked with providing a design solution that would enable the site to be ready for development and thus ensuring the potential migration of contaminants from the site was halted.

Deep Soil Mixing firstly undertook a site investigation where several samples were taken and tested in the Deep Soil Mixing laboratory to identify which blend of binders would give a satisfactory outcome when mixed with the in-situ ground material.  The initial lab testing and field trials established that the soils encountered at the site would respond to mixing with a prescribed blend of binder to achieve the required strength for future development of the site.

The field trials were followed by method statements for the project. Plant mobilisation and site set up all taking place within a few weeks.

The works, which comprised of the removal of top 2 metres of site material which had not been contaminated, into stock piles, then mass mixing, using the blended binder, was installed in soils up to 6m deep.  The stock piled material was then replaced and the site was left ready for redevelopment.

Environmentally Friendly and Reducing Carbon Footprint

The key benefit of this technique is its sustainability over more traditional remediation techniques, such as dig and dump.  Using this system negated the requirement to remove any material from the site, allowing destruction of the contaminants of concern in-situ. This also ensured the reduction in vehicle movements to and from site and thus reducing the carbon footprint.

If you have a contaminated site and would like to know more about how soil mixing can assist you please get in touch with the team at Deep Soil Mixing Ltd.