Downpatrick Pipeline Ground Stabilisation


Date: August 2014
Contractor: BSG Civil Engineering Ltd
Project: Downpatrick

Downpatrick soil stabilisation
Downpatrick Pipeline Ground Stabilisation Project

Strict settlement criteria was required for a new pipeline project in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland for Northern Ireland Water Utilities, The Principle Contractor, BSG Civil Engineering Ltd, contacted Deep Soil Mixing Ltd to see if we could achieve the strict criteria in the soft soils and peat. Having carried out a series of samples and trial mixes a solution was very quickly found and the works undertaken within a very limited time frame to meet the contractor’s programme, BSG were then able to continue installing the pipeline with the confidence that any settlement will be contained within the client’s requirements.

Using our soil mixing technology we are able to effectively re-engineer any poor or contaminated ground, and all at a reduced expense, time, and using environmentally friendly solutions.

Deep soil mixing is more environmentally friendly economical, flexible and adaptable than most other ground improvement methods. Benefits of the technology include reducing project cost, carbon footprint and timelines. The ground is re-engineered in-situ, removing the need to excavate or import fill. There is no leeching during the installation, or later as the mixed soil ages.

The company is currently undertaking presentations around the UK and should anyone want to learn more about soil mixing, the directors of Deep Soil Mixing Ltd will deliver a seminar which will carry 1.5 hrs CPD.

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