Manchester Ship Canal Embankment Stabilisation


Date: July 2014
Project: Carrington – Manchester Ship Canal Embankment

Carrington canal embankment stabilisation

Deep Soil Mixing Ltd work with clients to solve problems and this is how we started work on a project on the Manchester Ship Canal in Carrington.  We were contacted by the contractor after a problem arose on a length of the canal embankment following the installation of a pipeline.  The contractor wanted to utilise our soil stabilisation and soil mixing techniques to provide a solution for the settlement discrepancy that occurred on the embankment following the installation of the pipeline.

Deep Soil Mixing Ltd quickly put together a proposal and carried out site investigation works and material sampling to determine the quantity of binder required to improve the loadings imposed by the new pipeline.

Within a couple of weeks a design solution was agreed and all the plant and equipment mobilised to site to commence the installation of a series of soil mixed columns which would provide  long term stabilisation and, prevent any further slippage and remove any possibility of lateral pressure being exerted on the new pipeline.

The project was completed ahead of schedule and the main contractor stated they were impressed not only with the solutions but also an exemplary safety standards and how we worked as a team with them.


  • No need to excavate existing material on site
  • Minimum spoil removal
  • Wider range of soils can be treated compared to other ground remediation solutions
  • Existing soil is used as construction material
  • No need to bring costly and bulky materials on site
  • Environmentally friendly – Reduction of Carbon Footprint
  • Cutting edge innovative technology
  • With government pressure calling for a reduction in construction excavation waste being sent to landfill. Soil Mixing can help to meet these targets.