Soil Stabilisation CPD seminars

Soil Stabilisation CPD Seminars

Soil Stabiliation CPDUK seminarsAs a company, Deep Soil Mixing Ltd is CPDUK accredited and we carry out CPD seminars across the country for consulting engineers and contractors on the technical aspects and applications of using soil mixing compared to other more traditional methods like piling, excavate and cart away, dynamic compaction, surcharge etc.

Each seminar lasts about 1.5hrs, during which we’ll demonstrate our new techniques and methodologies and the impact they are making in civil engineering.

During the seminar we will explain how our unique technology has helped on several projects over the last few years from road construction through to dealing with contaminated and poor quality ground, flood alleviation and slope stabilisation.

We will highlight how this has been done using case studies including how we helped in the construction of the Merseygateway Crossing in Cheshire. Thanks to the installation of over 1,000 soil mixed panels, specially designed to stabilise the earth around the bridge structures, we were able to accelerate construction on the project and dramatically cut costs. The Merseygateway Crossing is just one example of how our techniques are improving things for consulting engineers, contractors and developers.

We’ve also worked on the following projects:

  • Project to create an impermeable barrier between two sites to prevent contaminants leaching from one site to the other.
  • Slope stabilisation to prevent slippage and to deal with contamination
  • Pipeline stabilisation control utility company.
  • Stabilisation project to facilitate the extension of a number of culverts beneath elevated railway lines
  • Remediation of a contaminated site to prepare for redevelopment.
  • Remediation of severely contaminated ground at a manufacturing plant
  • The installation of a soil mixed cut off wall to prevent contamination of a River from an old tar factory
  • Stabilisation of poor ground to enable road construction on a housing project
  • Landfill site: a project to enable compaction of clay liners on the area without reducing the natural low permeability of the silts and to prevent leaching into the underlying strata.

During the seminar we discuss projects like these, as well as some exciting new developments in soil mixing equipment that we have brought to the UK for the first time, and more importantly, how they can help you and your team in your projects.

In the past, soil mixing has sometimes been overlooked in cases when ground conditions were considered too problematic, but since 2012, we’ve come up with some remarkable advances in the technology to overcome these problems. We are becoming renowned for successfully undertaking challenging and difficult projects that others may not wish to do and we would like to demonstrate to you the impact this is making in the world of civil engineering and illustrate how new soil mixing techniques can transform severely contaminated or poor quality land into commercially viable land that can be developed.

So why choose soil mixing over other more traditional ground remediation methods:

  • No need to excavate
  • Minimal spoil removal
  • Wider range of soils can be treated compared to other solutions
  • Soil used as construction material
  • No need to bring costly and bulky materials on site
  • Environmental – Reduction of Carbon Footprint no need to take contaminated material to landfill

If you think this is something you would be interested in learning more about and would like to take up our offer of CPD learning please contact Deep Soil Mixing Ltd Marketing Manager Stephanie Freeman via email to arrange the most suitable date for your CPD Seminar.

Please note that all delegates who attend are eligible for 1.5 hours CPD and we are accredited through the CPD certification service.